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The Unlikely Origin of the Killer Bee | Arizona Bee Removal

The Unlikely Origin of the Killer Bee

During the 1950’s, in Brazil, scientists were creating a new genetically altered bee.  Why would they be doing this you ask?  Well, their intentions were good, as they were attempting to increase the production of honey with a new and improved honeybee.  Since everybody likes honey, these scientists were expecting to be greeted as heroes upon returning to their home countries.  However, something unexpected happened.

I have always assumed that your typical scientist must be very intelligent, and I am sure that most are, but on one particular evening these scientists in Brazil must have experienced a collective brain-fart.  The bee’s escaped!

You have probably heard of the “Africanized Honey Bee,” which is what the genetic tinkering of the typical honeybee produced in these Brazilian experiments.  The bees quickly spread to North America, and many sightings have been reported as far north as Canada.  Since this experiment failed to be contained to the lab, many people have been killed by these bees, and these bees have wreaked havoc on insect populations, ironically killing normal honeybees and, in turn, decreasing the amount of honey produced on a large scale.  I bet these scientists did not expect to be responsible for the deaths of many people since the mishap!

Have you ever seen a killer bee? Do you know anyone who has been stung by one?