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The Reason Africanized Honey Bees are Such Jerks! | Arizona Bee Removal

It seems like every summer we hear about the troublemaking caused by killer bees, or more specifically, Africanized Honey Bees.  Whether it is the upset of an ecosystem, the mass murdering of their cousins, which are regular honeybees, or even sometimes the death of a human being, these bees are very temperamental and tend to make their presence noticed.  But why are these bees so temperamental?

One reason is due to the fact that these bees are super sensitive to vibrations.  If a loud noise is produced several blocks away from a killer bee hangout, they will most certainly sense the vibrations produced, and proceed to sting every human being nearby.  Little do most people realize, but killer bees are actually smaller than normal everyday honeybees. When a colony is disturbed, they will go berserk and each one will respond by collectively stinging every living thing up to 2000 times if the entire colony is active.

These bees also produce twice as much venom and can cause kidney failure if enough are alerted to a threat.  So just remember that you do not have to be out hiking the wilderness trails to run into these killer bees as they are often found in attics or even backyards.  Bee careful this summer!

Have you ever come across a killer bee? What have you been taught to do if confronted by one?