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The Pest Professor Schools You on Termites

The Pest Professor Schools You on Termites

Can you prevent a termite infestation?

The termite is famous for destroying American homes.  This tiny creature is single-handedly responsible for five billion dollars in property damage each year in the U.S.

Dr. Jim Fredericks, chief entomologist at the National Pest Management Association, hands out some valuable tips for banishing this destructive beast from your residence.

Termites come in two varieties: subterranean and dry wood.  The latter are found from Virginia through Florida, parts of the southwest and northern pacific coast and Hawaii.  The former are found everywhere.

The key in controlling termites is to keep them away from your home’s foundation.

Subterranean termites are attracted to moisture.  To prevent their appearance, Dr Fredericks give several practical tips:  remove standing water and investigate damp spots, keep water away from the foundation of the home, repair leaky water pipes and faucets, and eliminate moisture from attics and crawl spaces.  Termites also like wood, so woodpiles should be kept away from the foundation.  To prevent these bugs from getting into the home, any mulches used in the yard should be separated from the foundation by a stone barrier at least 18 inches wide.  Mulches will be appealing to termites, so consider using an alternative ground cover like straw or rocks.

Websites like PestWorld.org are also a great resource for educating yourself about how these bugs operate.  By knowing their habits, you can protect one of your most valuable assets: your home.