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The Man-Hating Black Widow Females | Tucson Black Widow Control

The Man-Hating Black Widow Females

Black Widow Spiders are the most venomous spiders in North America despite being about the size of a pea, and male Black Widow’s are less than half the size of the females.  As far as Black Widows go it is a female’s world.

The male Black Widow, clearly intimidated by their inadequate size, always cautiously approaches the female when feeling frisky.  It is understandable that they would take small steps towards a female being as that it is not uncommon for females to abruptly attack and kill the males if their whims should go in that direction.  Sometimes a male will escape after slyly inserting his sperm, but much of the time the female will choose to make food out of him by paralyzing the male and saving him for later in a web.

But female Black Widows will not just eat their prey they will also use their poison to turn their victims into liquid and then use their fangs to suck up the remains like a straw.  Do male Black Widows possess any means of defending themselves against the murderous impulses of their male counterparts?  The answer is “no” unless you count an effort to make a quick escape.

Have you ever caught a black widow chilling in your house? Did you know of their penchant for killing their mates?