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The Key To Controlling Bedbugs May Be In Their Genes

Bedbugs have been a major problem for a lot of people around the world. It has been decades since bedbugs have been this active. For the first time in history researchers were able to sequence the genome of the common New York bedbug. The researchers are hoping that the bedbug genome will help them find an easy method of extermination.

One group of researchers learned that bedbug genes are most clearly expressed after their first blood-sucking session. The group of researchers also learned that bedbug living in different parts of the city possess different genetic profiles. The group of researchers is being led by the Museum of Natural History’s Jeff Rosenfeld.

Another group of researchers were able to identify genes that are associated with resistance to insecticides. For example, bedbugs possess certain proteins that can prevent insecticide penetration as well as enzymes that can detoxify the chemicals found in common insecticides. Researchers believe that this genetic bedbugs research will open up new possibilities when it comes to how create insecticides that kill bedbugs with greater efficiency.

Have you ever had a case of bedbugs that exterminators had a difficult time eradicating?