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The Japanese Giant Hornets and Why They are Terrifying

The Japanese Giant Hornet is a killer.  Its jaws can rip through bee suits, and its venom can melt human flesh.  Its six and a half millimeter stinger injects an extremely toxic venom that can shut down the human central nervous system.

Researchers studying these killers in the wild have to wear highly specialized suits, but not even these suites guarantee safety from the hornet’s sting. But at least the mask they wear will shield them from the venom that these hornets are also capable of spraying at whoever they feel like spraying with deadly toxic venom.  Basically anybody or anything that goes near this hell-spawn of an animal will be sprayed with a venom that has been known to melt a human beings eyes, causing immediate blindness.

Since a team of researchers interested in studying these hornets want to keep their eyes, they are forced to set up a camera that will film a massacre on bees perpetrated by theses hornets.  The film captured these hornets tearing the bees to shreds with their jaws for fun, and after three hours nearly 30,000 bees are dead.  Just another fun day at the park!

Do normal hornets terrify you? What would you do if confronted with a Japanese Giant Hornet?