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The Hottest Insect in the World

The Hottest Insect in the World

Being able to withstand scorching temperatures is no small feat. Humans, with our air conditioner and ceiling fans, have it easy. Insects, on the other hand, have to rely on their own bodies when it comes to the heat. And a few insects have an impressive ability to withstand temperatures that humans would shrink at. So, what insect can take the heat better than any other? The tiny Sahara desert ant is the winner of this competition.

The Sahara desert ant can withstand temperatures of up to 70 degrees C for short periods of time. It capitalizes on this amazing ability by waiting in the shadow of its burrow until the temperature outside becomes so unbearable that other animals can’t go outside. Then it emerges to feast on the other dead insects that have succumbed to the incredible heat. While everyone else is cooling their heals in the shade, this little guy acts like vulture, feeding on the dead while its predators are hiding from the hot sun. The Sahara desert ant manages to avoid overheating by constantly counting all of its steps and following his keen sense of smell to find its way back to its home quickly.

Can you handle the heat? Did you know that such a tiny creature had these superhuman abilities?