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The Horrifying Housefly

One of the most common pests we are surrounded by everyday can in fact be one of the most deadly. The common housefly is responsible for spreading some pretty nasty diseases, as it carries over 100 different germs that cause diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, Bubonic Plague, and Leprosy to name a few. And they spread these diseases like wildfire because they defecate approximately every four minutes. Pretty gross, huh?

In large numbers these guys can be a major nuisance to humans. They contaminate food with their constant pooping, helping to spread food-borne illnesses to us. They can also attack cattle and crops, causing diseases that way. However, there are some benefits to their existence. Some flies are actually pollinators, helping us grow the very food we eat. Fly larvae, also known as maggots, have been used as a medical treatment to debride wounds, cleaning them and preventing infection. They help to remove dead tissue as well, and even promote cell growth. They have been used effectively to treat chronic wounds.

What has your experience of the housefly been like? Do you hate or like these buzzing pests?