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The gentle giant

Typically when you think of gentle giants, you think of large ominous creature that lurks around but really doesn’t do any harm.     In the spider world that translates directly to a tarantula. These beautiful spiders do not have a menacing fearsome character and to many they are actually the teddy bear of the spider world.

Tarantulas like coming out when the weather is cooler and dark. They may be hairy but they are harmless and typically if they are out and about wandering they are looking for food or a mate. They can grow to be up to four inches in length, and they are venomous. The venom isn’t deadly but you may just choose to walk around instead of harming the gentle giant.

There are several ways you can eliminate a tarantula if one appears in or around your home. Because they are docile really the only harm they will cause is the creepy crawly fear when you see them. You can choose to call your local pest control company to remove and analyze your home for a strategy for eliminating future issues. The other option of course is to catch and release. You can slide a piece of paper under the tarantula, place it in a container and take it outside releasing it back to the wild.

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