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The Future of Insects?

The Future of Insects?

As we move through the years, more and more people are on this planet than the last generation, and beyond the problem of space, we also face an issue of food. Even a few decades ago there wasn’t enough food being produced in the world to sustain the estimated population. Today, farming land and farmers are even scarcer than years back and less and less land is used for production of animal meat such as cows or pigs. And this isn’t even considering the environmental trouble that raising cows and other livestock produced.

This is largely why the predicted foodstuff of the new world as we gain even more people each year, will be insects. This certainly changes the future of insects in the world. Although this isn’t the first time insects have been talked about as a food source. Many places in Asia already have farmer’s market like places where you can buy different groups of bugs to eat or cook and eat.

Of course insects as a food has been reserved as more of a delicacy or something that only certain parts of the world like because they can’t raise livestock of their own. But simply eating raw insects or cooking them in some slabs of butter isn’t the kind of future we are looking at for consumption of insects. It would be more of the processed route, with hamburgers and breads made from insects.

Who knows, in a few years of time you may just get a product in the store and not even notice that on the back label it says grubs are an ingredient. It really is one of the better ways to utilize the increasing number of insects as well.