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The Dreaded Fire Ants Are Being Displaced By A “Crazier” Foe

Everybody hates fire ants. What is there to like about them? Their name alone makes them instantly unlikable even if you have never experienced one of their painful bites, and if my memory serves, those bites actually do feel like you’re being burned with fire. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities belonging to the fire ant–end of story. So it could be assumed that people would be ecstatic if another type of ant arrived and started killing off fire ants, right?

Well apparently a new species of ant has been spotted in fire ant territory, and consequently the fire ants are dying off quickly. This new type of murderous ant is known as the “crazy ant,” and unfortunately people are not rejoicing over their arrival.

Suddenly people are realizing that the fire ants were not so bad. For example, fire ants mind their own business and will not attack humans unless provoked, and they tend to remain outdoors. The new crazy ant on the other hand prefers to invade homes and nest within little crevices all over your house. Crazy ants are so small that people have found them crawling out of cell phones through the tiny holes located on the phone.

The crazy ants also reproduce more quickly than any other kind of ant, and they kill off bugs that serve important functions within the ecosystem. So now there are very few fire ant attacks in the southeastern USA and elsewhere, but now people have to wake up in the morning to bites from crazy ants, and they are so numerous in your home that you have probably already accidentally eaten one while you were reading this.

Have you ever spotted a crazy ant in your home? And if so, how did you deal with them?