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The Deadliest Scorpion In The World | Tucson Scorpion Control

The Deadliest Scorpion In The World | Tucson Scorpion Control

Most people find scorpions to be particularly frightening, and this is likely due to the widespread belief that their stings are deadly. Although a scorpion sting will most likely not lead to death, it would still be a wise idea to exercise caution when around scorpions. However, the deathstalker scorpion is among the deadliest of all scorpions.

The powerful venom that deathstalker scorpions possess can cause paralysis and is extremely painful. This scorpion seems to prefer crickets as its primary source of food. The deathstalker catches its prey by taking it by surprise. This scorpion has been known to hide underneath rocks only to jump out if some tasty treat crawls by. However, the deathstalker’s pincers are not strong enough to subdue prey, so it has to sting its prey quickly to prevent escape. Just seconds after being stung, the deathstalkers prey will become paralyzed so that the deathstalker can eat its prey alive. So in case you did not have a fear of scorpions, you should now.

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