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The circle of evolution, from cockroach to termite?

The circle of evolution, from cockroach to termite?

It is possible according to recent research that the termite is actually an evolved version of the cockroach. Cockroaches and termites have been around a really long time. 170million years or so and they originated probably in Africa or Asia.

It is thought that the evolution occurred when cockroaches developed the ability to digest cellulose. Having this ability is what gives them the ability to burrow though and eat the wood in your home. Termites are also one of the highest populated insect groups. During the research, scientists were able to rebuild a family tree of termites that dates them back 170 years. According to that research, termites are actually 35 million years older than the oldest known fossils. Doesn’t that in itself almost make tem a super bug?

Termites can wreak havoc on your home, and you really don’t want to joke around if you see one or two. If you have one or two there are probably thousands of the little critters already living in the walls of your home, eating through your beams and causing thousands of dollars of damage. Make sure to call a termite professional to evaluate your home and address any of your termite questions.

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