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The bugs of summer

The bugs of summer

Waking up to a coffee pot full of ants is the epitome of the moment you realize the infamous bugs of summer are back again.

The heat, the damp humid air and high temps, summer brings out the best of the bug world taking over our human world. From ants and fruit flies, to hornets. All of them are on the prowl for your picnic droppings and aggressively defending their homes at the same time.

Did you know that a bald faced hornet will sting you several times in the same spot, attracting its brothers and cousins to come sting you as well, and when they do, they will go for that same spot too?

The most common summer nuisance of course being the ant. However, it is a close draw behind the ant being mosquitoes, spiders, termites and cockroaches. Ants in particular can cause a family nightmare after a strong rain storm as they are seeing out higher ground to rebuild their newly flooded colony.

Mosquitoes cause their harm during the summer months not just for being a nuisance, but because they can carry the west Nile virus as well.

Make sure to protect yourself and your family from the bugs of summer, while they may seem to be part of nature, they can also be a painful reminder of stings and bites.

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