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A Swarm Of Nearly One Million Bees Results In A Man’s Death| Killer Bees

A Swarm Of Nearly One Million Bees Results In A Man’s Death| Killer BeesBees

Typically bees are not interested in causing harm to human beings. Unless, of course, the bees in question happen to be Africanized honey bees, or “killer bees,” as they are sometimes called. Killer bees are invasive to the United States, and they are often spotted around the US/Mexico border. Back in 2014, a man from Douglas, Arizona near the Mexican border, died after a swarm of eight hundred thousand bees swarmed directly at him. The man’s official cause of death was from a heart attack. The man, whose name was not released to the press, died at the tragically young age of thirty two.

The man was working for Douglas-ARC, which is a charity that helps people with special needs find employment within the community. The charity also assists needy residents within their own homes. The man who was killed by Africanized honey bees was working as a gardener. The man and three of his colleagues were called to the home of a ninety year old resident of Douglas. As soon as one of the three men started a lawnmower, a horrifyingly large amount of aggressive bees roared towards them from an open attic space.

A pest control professional, Jesus Corella, was working in the same area as the three men at the time of the attack. Corella was called to the scene. According to Corella, the bee swarm was massive, and numerous bees repeatedly dive-bombed him. Corella became frightened, as the bees seemed unusually aggressive. Two of the three charity workers who had arrived at the house earlier managed to escape the bee swarm. One of the workers asked a neighbor to call the police and fire department.

One of the two charity workers had sustained more than one hundred stings, but luckily he survived. Another worker managed to survive with very few injuries. Sadly, one of the workers arrived dead at the nearest hospital. The deceased victim had clearly sustained massive injuries during the bee attack. According to doctors, the thirty two year old man died of a heart attack.

Not long after the fire department arrived at the home, professional beekeepers were quickly called in to handle the massive bee swarm. However, the beekeepers had to have part of the home’s roof removed in order to access the hive. Authorities in the town of Douglas sometimes receive calls from residents complaining of bee-related disturbances, but a bee swarm as massive as the one described in this article had never been seen before by fire or police department employees in the border town of Douglas. Every year the United States sees an average of forty fatal bee attacks.

Do you think that all Africanized honey bees in America should be eradicated when found since they are dangerous invasive insects?