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How Are Spiders Evolving? And Is It Good For Us? | Spider Control Tucson

How Are Spiders Evolving? And Is It Good For Us? | Spider Control Tucson

Although we have not heard much about giant spiders in the news lately, there are a many people around the world who are swearing that spiders are increasing in size. Well, of course that is ridiculous, right? Many researchers agree that earth’s changing environmental conditions could, indeed, enable spiders to grow larger over time. And that is not all.

Many experts are putting forth the simple fact that our global temperatures are steadily rising, and although the slow rise in temperatures over decades may not even be perceptible to man, spiders are responding to the heat by growing larger. This is only one factor, but the most significant.

The increased temperatures in the winter make for an influx of spiders into bigger cities. Bigger cities obviously have much more food to be scavenged than a rural area. This situation will inevitably result in an increase in obese spiders as a result consuming discarded food.

On the bright side there are limits as to how large spiders can get, and as oxygen levels stay constant, all animals will remain the same size they have ever been. Also, fatter spiders are harder for predators to miss, so we won’t be seeing gigantic spiders for too much longer.

Have you ever spotted a seemingly larger than normal spider while in the big city?