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Spiders Continue To Thwart Housing Developments | Spider Exterminator

Spiders Continue To Thwart Housing Developments | Spider Exterminator

Protecting wildlife and the endangered species of this earth should be important to everybody. Protecting animals that are endangered is easier said than done. In order to preserve species that are endangered, their natural environments must be preserved as well. But what about spiders? Would anybody really miss one type of spider? These are the questions that building contractors are asking these days in Texas. A fifteen million dollar housing project near the historic Bracken Cave in Texas has been halted by government officials. The issue is over a tiny spider species that most people in the world have never seen.

Both federal and state officials in Texas want the construction to continue, but they want to make sure that a rare and endangered type of spider retains its natural environment so that these spiders may live. The spiders in question are known as Bracken Bat Cave Meshweavers. This spider is endangered, non-venomous, and lives in caves. The meshweaver also does not possess any eyes and is translucent. According to a spokesman with the Texas Department of Transportation, Josh Donat, the recently documented sighting of the spider is only the second documented sighting in thirty years. And it’s only the second individual meshweaver that has ever been found. The last time the meshweaver was seen was thirty two years ago in 1980. The spider from 1980 was found in an area near the construction project.

The construction project will be put on hold for as long as it takes while officials within the United States Fish and Wildlife Service work with officials from the Federal Highway Administration. It is possible to see this project end for good, in any case, nearby residents want to see a solution to the matter sooner rather than later.

Have you ever captured an endangered spider?