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Shoo fly, don’t bother me!

It is that time of year. The cooler summer days where insects of all kinds are thriving; they are in the highpoint of their lives and we are but mere humans living among them. Is there a natural way to keep your patio clear of the unwanted pests?

Lemongrass can be a beautiful piece to plant along your patio that also can be a natural deterrent for mosquitoes and fleas. Lemon grass is easy to plant, easy to take care of, and can even be grown in containers giving you the ability to move the line of where you choose to draw. Herbs like basil, mint and oregano are also natural deterrents to keep flies and mosquitoes away. Because so much of their lives depend on their sense of smell, anything planted that can confuse their senses with high aromas will help keep them away. Citronella candles, scented oils, and the tropical smells omitted by outdoor candles will ward off the annoyance of mosquitoes during your outdoor dinner parties. Not only do they not like the intense heat given off by these flames, the smell again confuses them, causing them to move on; hopefully to your annoying neighbor’s back yard.

If you have an issue with mosquitoes, flies or other household pests, call your local pest control company to come formulate a strategy to combat the issue.

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