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Are you seeing milkweed bugs in or around your home? Don’t panic!

Are you seeing milkweed bugs in or around your home? Don’t panic! 
Lygaeoids family includes the insects commonly known as milkweed bugs, and also some of those known as seed bugs. Most species in this family are known as seed bugs and are usually brown to red in color. Lygaeidae have a hard, elongated body ranging from 4-20 millimeters in length.
Lygaeoids are found in agricultural habitats, gardens, fence-rows, the forest edge, and any place that is sunny with low-growing vegetation. These insects do not damage plants extensively from feeding on the seed pods.
Although some lygaeus are predatory and are considered beneficial, a few of the plant-feeding species are considered pests.
Because of the larger amount of rain over the winter and early spring they have had larger numbers then in previous years.
Once they come in contact with any of our product they will die off over a short time. The best thing to do is just sweep or vacuum them up, since they are harmless.
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