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How To Know If The Scorpions Around Your Home Pose An Infestation Threat

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It is well known in America and most other parts of the world that scorpions are common in the deserts of Arizona, but many residents of the state have no idea as to how many scorpion species have been documented in the state. Surprisingly, there exists at least 35 documented scorpion species within Arizona, but only three are commonly encountered by residents and visitors in the state. These commonly encountered species include the bark scorpion, the giant hairy scorpion and the stripe-tailed scorpion. Bark scorpions are not only the most frequently spotted scorpions within and around Arizona homes, but they are also the most dangerous, as their venom is potent enough to kill a human. Luckily, no American citizen has died as a result of a bark scorpion sting for several decades, but the species is known for taking numerous lives every year in Mexico. Scorpions are easy to spot around homes during the nighttime hours due to their natural glow, but it is important that residents and visitors in Arizona know how to differentiate between a potentially dangerous scorpion presence and a harmless scorpion presence around homes.azpest-logo

The bark scorpion’s presence around a home should always be taken into account by the home’s occupants, as bark scorpion stings are painful and they usually require medical attention. Bark scorpions can be easily recognized due to their ability to crawl along vertical surfaces, which is an ability that no other Arizona scorpion species possesses. If scorpions are spotted crawling along the exterior surface of a home, then a pest control professional should be contacted immediately. If scorpions are found skittering across floors, then there is little need to worry, as these species do not produce venom that is potent enough to be of medical significance. If you live in a home that attracts an abundance of insect life, then it can be assumed that scorpions are not far away, as scorpions feed on insects and follow them wherever they go. Insects are attracted to artificial lights, abundant yard vegetation and/or areas of standing water. Homes with these features attract numerous insects, and therefore, scorpions as well.

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