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School Officials Failed To Notify Parents Of A Bed Bug Infestation

School Officials Failed To Notify Parents Of A Bed Bug Infestation

We all know that bed bugs are infesting locations all over the world, and their population numbers are only growing by the second. Facing this fact may be unpleasant for most people, but some authorities are ignoring their responsibility to prevent or treat bed bug infestations when they occur. Many government employees, hotel managers, landlords, property management companies and now school administration officials seem to be ignoring serious infestations as though they do not exist. Failing to address bed bug infestations is sadly not uncommon among people who are responsible for protecting others from the negative consequences associated with bed bugs. Not only can bed bugs bite, but they can easily infest people’s homes if a reproductive pair hitch a ride on a person’s clothing.

There are more and more reports appearing in the news about bed bug victims winning enormous amounts of money after suing landlords or hotel managers for failure to warn. It seems that the legal system sympathizes with victims of bed bug infestations. It is not hard to believe that landlords and hotel managers ignore infestations since eradicating bed bugs is a hassle. But you would expect elementary school officials to live up to a higher standard in order to protect children. However, there has already been multiple cases of bed bug infestations occuring in colleges and schools around the country.

One recent in-school infestation within a Queen’s school in New York City was not even reported to the parents of students for an entire week after the bed bugs were discovered. In addition to that, the school has not canceled any classes. This may not be a big deal if only one or two bed bugs were found, but the school’s superior administrative officials are refusing to provide details relating to the seriousness of the infestation. Also, the infestation is serious enough to require a fumigation during the winter break. Students learned from certain members of the administrative staff that bed bugs had been found within the school. The bed bugs were found an entire week before the school board had students take warning letters home to their parents. Understandably, many parents are upset about not being warned sooner, and some are fearful of their children bringing bed bugs home from school, as classes were not cancelled.

Do you think that parents should be notified if the school that their kid/s attend is found to contain one single bed bug?