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Save Your Summer Garden

You’ve worked hard all year tending your garden so that once spring comes your flowers can bloom and you can watch your garden thrive through the brightest seasons of the year. But, despite the bright, happy face of the sun looking down on your plants and showering them in its healthy rays, there are evil forces lurking in the shadows that seek to harm your plants when you aren’t looking. Beware of these insect pests, and wipe out their evil presence if you spot one.

The white fly is not an insect that just flies over to your garden and starts eating away at your precious plants. They generally get introduced to your other plants when you unknowingly bring home an already infected plant. Check any new plants you buy for small flying insects by touching them and looking for any of these pests flying up when disturbed. They look like flying dandruff and can destroy your plants in the blink of an eye.

Bagworms love to munch on needle evergreens. While still in their small form, they’re pretty easy to kill, but if you let them reach adult size, good luck getting rid of them on your own. They appear as little “bags” hanging from the tree’s branches that are covered in evergreen sprigs.

You’ll want to watch out for leaf miners on your columbine and marigold plants. You can spot their presence due to the silvery streaks, which disfigure the plant, they leave behind as they skim over the surface of the leaves.

How do you deal with summer insect pests?