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Restaurants that Serve “Delicious” Bugs!?

Restaurants that Serve “Delicious” Bugs!?

More and more people are beginning to see the positive effect of eating insects and having them as a sustainable food source. Below there are 5 restaurants that offer a innovative crawly cuisine.

  1. Le Festin Nu: A Paris bistro, known to offer customers water scorpions with pepper and garlic, palm weevils with beetroot and crispy grasshoppers.
  2. Grub Kitchen: London’s first eatery to offer insects in their menu. Ant-and-olive goat cheese appetizers and main courses with smoked chipotle cricket-and-black bean chili with polenta, tortilla and sour cream bamboo-worm dip.
  3. Toloache: An innovative Mexican bistro that offers chapulines- grasshopper tacos.
  4.  Don Bugito Prehispanic Snackeria: A San Francisco food cart that specialized in Mexican-inspired street food with wax-moth-larvae tacos.
  5. Bug Appétit: A New Orleans cafeteria that prices itself on its cricket chocolate chip cookies, housed inside the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.

Would you ever try one of these places?