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A Restaurant Is On Thin Ice After Its Security Cameras Captured Cockroach Footage

A Restaurant Is On Thin Ice After Its Security Cameras Captured Cockroach Footage

Cockroaches are a bane to the restaurant industry. Judging by the rate at which restaurants are called out by inspectors for insect pest violations, bugs are apparently pretty difficult to keep out of restaurant kitchens. Insect issues within restaurant kitchens is so common that even your favorite eatery has likely seen an infestation or two over the years. Even if your favorite restaurant is McDonald’s, you can bet that cockroaches have been in nearly every establishment in the world. Recently, a McDonald’s establishment in Yonkers, New York came under fire for having a cockroach infestation. The cockroach infestation became a concern after video footage surfaced that showed the cockroaches near the restaurant. The footage was captured by a security camera outside of the restaurant, but authorities have refused to describe the details of what the video captured. The video footage allegedly shows cockroaches in, or possibly, near the restaurant. In any case, the cockroaches were close enough to the restaurant to warrant an inspection.

After the video surfaced, a local news team promptly contacted the Westchester County Health Department in order to learn more about the situation. However, department officials responded to the inquiry by stating that they had already been made aware of the cockroach presence, and inspections had already been conducted on the premises. The subsequent inspection revealed that the restaurant was in violation of several health department laws. One of these violations included a dead cockroach under an ice machine as well as several other unsanitary substances that may or may not be cockroach-related within the same area. Although the McDonald’s location was allowed to remain open, the health department has scheduled a hearing where the restaurant’s management will have to answer for the unsanitary conditions. Another inspection will be carried out on the premises shortly before the hearing. At the moment, the fate of the McDonald’s location on South Broadway in Yonkers is still up in the air.

Do you believe restaurants should be given a generous amount of time to fully address insect infestations before being forced to close to the public?