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Recently Developed Zika Vaccine Seems To Work | Mosquito Control

As you can imagine, medical researchers around the world have been competing to find the first truly effective vaccine for the Zika virus. Now, less than two years after the initial reports of Zika in South America, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have developed a vaccine that has been proven to be effective. Unfortunately, no Zika infected humans have been administered the vaccine as of yet, but researchers have demonstrated that their new Zika vaccine is one hundred percent effective at curing mice and monkeys of the Zika virus.

Before this new vaccine was developed, the closest thing to a cure for Zika were adenoviruses. However, using adenoviruses is problematic since the immune system nearly always attacks adenoviruses before they can work within the human body. Luckily, the new vaccine does not share this drawback with adenoviruses. In fact, the new vaccine seems to be well tolerated. For one thing, the vaccine is able to work its magic without our bodies treating the vaccine like a foreign invader.

Are you confident that the cure for Zika is now here?