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Preventing Roof Rats This Fall

Roof rats are smaller in size than their cousins: Norway rats, but that doesn’t make them any less of a pest. They can cause structural damage, transmit diseases, and contaminate food. With the cool weather setting in, fall is the perfect time for Roof rats to infest homes and buildings. To lessen the chances of them making your home their own, follow our guide on preventing roof rats this fall.

1. Seal Entry Ways

Roof rats can enter through small openings, so it’s essential to seal any gaps in your walls, roofs, or vents. Inspect the inside and outside of your home to look for any holes or cracks and fill them. Don’t forget to check your attic, windows and the foundation. Use a wire mesh or caulk to seal any openings.

2. Keep Your Home Clean

Roof rats are attracted to garbage, clutter, and debris. Keep your home clean and tidy to avoid attracting them. Remove piles of firewood and debris from around the house and store garbage in sealed containers. Make sure to clean up crumbs, spills and food scraps in the house. Regularly mow your grass and trim bushes near your home. This practice will create a pest-free zone around it.

3. Don’t Attract Bird Feeders

We love to feed birds, and roof rats love to eat what the birds drop. Use bird feeders that are least attractive to the rats. Clean any bird feeders regularly and suspend them from poles rather than structures that roof rats can climb to reach them.

4. Trim Trees Away From Your Roof

Roof rats are excellent climbers and use overhanging tree branches to access your roof. Trim any trees that are close to your roof and remove any fruit that drops on the ground.

5. Call a Pest Control Professional

Finally, the most effective way of preventing roof rats is by hiring a pest control professional. Professional roof rat control services will identify any existing roof rat problem and provide necessary measures to eliminate them. These services can provide exclusion work, which involves sealing access points to save your home from future infestations.

Roof rats are pests that homeowners should be concerned about during the fall season. With the above preventive measures, you can save yourself from structural damages, food contamination, and diseases caused by roof rats. Remember to seal any gaps, keep your home clean and tidy, use bird feeders that are least attractive to rail rats, trim trees away from your roof, and hire pest control professionals. Stay vigilant and follow our guide on preventing roof rats this fall, and you will make your home roof-rat-free.