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Potato Pests

You may have seen an insect around your garden that looks like a cricket, but rather than camping out in your bedroom so it can keep you up all night with its music this guy likes to hang around your potatoes and snack on them. This cricket imposter is actually a sand cricket (don’t pay attention to the name, it’s still not a cricket), also known as a “potato bug.” Native to Mexico and the southwest, this insect tends to be found in California, especially in the North. The potato bug loves munching on tubers such as potatoes, as well as other bugs and decaying roots. They are nocturnal, and can normally be found hiding under rocks or logs during the day. If you catch sight of one of these pests, watch your potato crop closely. You may end up finding many of them riddled with holes. However, apparently they are akin to caviar for chickens. So, if you do find any and happen to have chickens, catch the buggers and treat your chickens to a decadent treat.

Have you ever seen a potato bug? How do you deal with them?