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Please Keep Out – No Pest Zone

Please Keep Out – No Pest Zone

Just like humans, all pests need to eat, drink and have shelter to survive. One of the best ways to keep these unwanted guests out of your home to remove their survival needs. Dr. Jim Fredericks has some advice on how to keep your home clear throughout the year. If you start on the outside, this may help eliminate them from coming inside. You should pull your mulch away from directly touching the outside structure of your home, about 15 inches. You should keep all your hedges and trees trimmed and be sure to store firewood a distance from your home. About 20 feet should suffice. These are all great entry ways for pets. You should make sure all rain gutters are routed away from your home to help reduce the moisture and make sure they are maintained to prevent leaks and water build up. Rotting wood is a great way to attract pests, so make sure you replace those window and door frames. Using caulk to seal gaps can keep critters out as well. It only takes a gap the size of a dime for mice to fit though. If pest do make it inside your home, there are tips for that too. Since many pests are attracted to moisture, a de-humidifier is one step. You should keep counters clean and trash in a sealed container. If you are a pet owner, remember not to leave food in the bowls for extended periods of time. It’s not just delicious to your pet. Ants, cockroaches, rodents and flies find it delicious as well. If anything has been left outside, be sure to check it before bringing it inside. Pests can find clever ways to enter your home.

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