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Peter Mitchell Turning Car Parts into Bug Sculptures

Peter Mitchell Turning Car Parts into Bug Sculptures

From 1970 until 2005, Peter Mitchell ran Peter’s Automotive, and during his spare time he used his welding skills to fabricate car-part bugs.

Mitchell would dump out a barrel of used car parts to see what he could use. It was only a matter of minutes after Mitchell picked out what he wanted, that he had welded all the pieces into a bug. Mitchell used to display his car-part bugs at Brennan’s, Eve Yarmo’s shop and at Mitchell’s shop.

After Peter sold his business to V 10 years ago, many of his bugs became locked up in the kiosk of Peter’s Automotive.

Recently Peter visited Berkeley where he came across his old kiosk and tried every possible combination until he opened the lock. It had been years since the bugs had fresh air!

V mentioned that he is interested in the bugs. Mitchell doesn’t consider himself a sculptor, just a mechanic with a wild imagination.

Tom Dalzell, a labor lawyer, created www.quirkyberkeley.com in order to share all of the creative objects seen around town. The site features over 8,600 photographs of which include some of Peter Mitchells bug sculptures.