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Pasta Full of Pests

Pasta Full of Pests

Stephanie Richard, a pasta maker and owner of the Atelier a Pates in Thiefosse, France, recently added a new ingredient to her recipe, and it’s become an overnight sensation. Richard decided to add insects to her pasta recipe as a crunchy, protein-rich component, and despite what may seem stomach-turning at first, these nuttier tasting noodles are a huge hit.

Richard was already working on creating a high-protein pasta for athletes when she was contacted by an insect distributor. Insects would add just the high amount of protein Richard was looking for, so she decided to give them a try. She uses pulverized crickets and grasshoppers in her pasta recipes, sometimes combining the two. Richard says the nuttier taste goes especially well with game meat. She had barely begun making and distributing the packages of insect-filled pasta when they started practically flying off the shelves due to the high demand.

Richard swears that insects are the protein of the future, with their high-quality level of protein and ability to be easily digested by humans. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has already noted that there is a hug potential for insects to be used to feed people as well as livestock. The next time you go out for a hamburger you may just end up trying a cricket burger.

Would you ever consider eating insects? Do you think we may switch to eating insects in the future?