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Our Saviors Turned Out to be Mutant Mosquitoes

Our Saviors Turned Out to be Mutant Mosquitoes

It is becoming common knowledge that mosquitoes are the worlds most deadly and dangerous insect on account of all the life ending diseases they carry and then transmit to humans.  But the mosquito’s day has likely passed, as a new genetically engineered mosquito that is engineered to resist the parasite that causes malaria will be released into the wild to mate with other mosquitoes.

But what makes these mutant mosquitoes interesting is that they are made to resist the parasite that causes humans to contract malaria and other diseases.  And when the mutant mosquito mates only the mutant or non-parasite genes are passed down to the next generation, as opposed to half and half, which is how nature would have it. But, nature has been wrong lately, so the mutant mosquito gets to pass down all of its non-parasitic genes, with no input from mom at all.

After a short time, and theoretically, malaria rates among humans will drop and one day become non-existent.  But this will be long after parasite-carrying mosquitoes become extinct.

What other insects and diseases could be wiped out this way? Would the end result be good or possibly bad?