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Ouch! Do I need a doctor?

Ouch! Do I need a doctor?

You were out and about and ended up with an annoying new bug bite. But how do you know when it’s time to go to a doctor over the bite? How do you know if you are allergic?

As a blanket statement, most of the time bug bites aren’t serious. But if you notice things like signs of infection, it may be time to seek out a doctor or dermatologist. Sometimes the bite will become infected due to your reaction. If you have a mosquito bite, for instance, try your hardest not to scratch at it. Scratching will break the skin allowing infection to set in. If you notice infection, wash it carefully and use an antiseptic to clean the area.

It’s also important to notice allergic reactions. After all, we don’t know we are allergic until we receive that first bite or sting. The signs of allergic reaction can range from simple swelling all the way to anaphylactic shock. Typically allergies to bees are the worst. If you are stung by a bee or wasp, and notice signs of swelling of lips, eyelids or throat, you may have an allergy and need a trip to the emergency room.

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