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New Rules Curb the Invasion of Pests in the EU

New Rules Curb the Invasion of Pests in the EU

In order to stop the spreading of pests in the EU, the MEPs and Luxembourg Council Presidency released new rules to curb the influx. Increased trade and climate change reportedly have caused the influx of pests.

The deal has also introduces preventative measures for important plants. It is important to note that plant health is an important issue that all od Europe is working to address.

To identify plants that are most likely to pose pest risks or other phytosanitary hazards new rules have been introduced. Professional operators who are importing plants and plant products with the potential risky plants will be required to hold a phytosanitary certificate. Private travellers who are importing small quantities of particular plants are the only ones who will be exempt.

The plant passport system will cover all movements of plants in the EU. The system will also apply to the final users who are receiving the plants through distance sales.

In order to make sure the growers, whose plants have been eradicated, in order to wipe out certain pests, will be eligible for compensation the deal will endorse and update existing EU rules. The compensation amount would mirror the value of the destroyed plants or plant products.