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Nestle Products Include Lives Insects

Nestle Products Include Lives Insects

Be careful the next time you open a package of chocolate syrup mix, you may just find you purchased more than you bargained for. Parents Meenu and Sachin Sharma regularly feed their baby Nestle’s Lactogen powder, having bought them in bulk, but when they opened their newest box they came across something unexpected. When they opened the box they were greeted by a live insect. I’m pretty sure Nestle doesn’t advertise the benefits of the insect protein included in their products, so I’m guessing this was a horrible mistake.

The couple immediately called officials to report a complaint, which led to a raid on a shop in Ghaziabad, which they thought might be selling suspicious products. What’s worse, the couple report that the child had begun to feel ill after eating some of the other Lactogen powder. This is not the first time this has happened to Nestle. Apparently, insect larvae was also found in other powdered milk products for kids this last June. The incident comes at an especially bad time, as Nestle just got the go ahead to continue the production of their product Maggi. I’d suggest checking out the contents of their products before you eat them from now on.

Have you ever found bugs in your food? Was it a traumatic experience?