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Mouse Behavior Inside The Home | Tucson Mouse Control Experts

Mice are very adaptable animals, and they have evolved over the years to thrive when they enter our homes. It makes sense. Outside they have the cold weather, the irregular availability of food and a ton of predators. Indoors on the other hand, they have warmth, shelter, water, plenty of food, and the only predators they have to worry about are cats and dogs. So let’s take a look at how mice behave when they enter the home.

Times when mice are most active

Outdoors, mice have to operate in low light conditions in order to survive. However, if they just operate during the night, then they are threatened by owls and other nocturnal predators. To adapt, mice will actually only be active at dusk and dawn. It’s during these times of the day when most diurnal and nocturnal predators lose their site acuity and go to sleep.

Where mice usually nest

When mice enter the home, they will tend to stick to a few areas. They will be mostly interested in wall voids, basements and attics, because these areas are dark and they will be mostly left alone. In these spaces, mice will set up nests, where they rear their young and store supplies. A mouse nest is built out of a variety of soft materials including paper and textile materials.

Signs that mice leave behind

Mouse infestations can be easy to identify if you know what to look for. One of the most common indications that you have mice in your home are their droppings. Mice will defecate in areas where they are most active and this includes drawers, behind furniture and appliances, and in areas where there is a lot of food out in the open. Mice will also leave gnaw marks and trails throughout the home, and this will be easy to spot as the infestation progresses.

If you notice any of these signs then it’s important to act fast and get in touch with a pest control pro. A pro will be able to implement all the necessary measures needed to ensure that the infestation is quickly placed under control, and that it will not spread any further. The pro can also implement preventive measures to reduce the odds of reinfestation.

For more information on how mice behave inside the home, or if you have a mouse infestation that you need to deal with, contact us today.