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Mosquito Wrist Bands

Mosquito Wrist Bands

Putting on insect repellent can be a major hassle, especially when you’re dealing with children. And, to make matters more difficult, you can’t just place it here and there, willy nilly. You need full coverage for complete protection. So, people are forever looking for easier ways to repel those nasty mosquitos in a quicker, easier manner. Some insect repellent bracelets, wrist bands, and patches have been introduced that claim to repel mosquitos as effectively as topical repellents, but do they truly stand up against this vile foe?

Insect repellents work to ward off mosquitos by masking the smell of CO2 on our skin so that the mosquitos are either repelled by the unpleasant odor or confused by it. Studies done on the wrist bands reported to ward off mosquitos with the vapors from their botanical ingredients have been shown to be pretty ineffective. Researchers found that mosquitos were repelled by the odors, but only for a few centimeters on either side of the wrist band. That’s hardly complete protection. The ones that have DEET in them work marginally better, but still offer nowhere near the level of protection as the topical sprays and lotions.  So, basically we’re back to square one. You just have to suck it up and slather on that gross lotion or spray.

Have you tried these insect repelling wrist bands or bracelets? How well do they seem to work for you?