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More Wasps Are Getting Drunk Say Researchers

If you think that you don’t like wasps, then I can guarantee you that you will hate wasps that are drunk. This is possible since wasps love feeding on nectar, and nectar ferments and becomes alcohol with time. Not only have wasps grown fond of their nectar-beer, but it seems that very few wasps are capable of behaving responsibly while intoxicated.

The British Red Cross even went as far as to warn its citizens about the many drunk wasps that will be out and causing trouble this summer. This fear seems reasonable since it is during this time of year that wasps are finished serving their queens, and therefore many wasps can spend all of their time getting drunk.

Once the queen wasp becomes fully supplied with nectar the worker-wasps spend the remainder of their lives in a sort of retirement, which involves a lot of drinking. The drunk wasps are known to be more aggressive and more bold when attacking. So be on your guard against wasps this summer as many of them may be drunk.

Are there any other types of insects that have been observed becoming intoxicated, and seeking more of the intoxicating substance?