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Medical Supply Chain Recalls Products With Bugs–Literally!

Baxter International is a medical supply company that sells products to hospitals all over the world, just as the title makes clear.  Despite this company being a long trusted supplier of reliable medical equipment, the company has recently come under fire for selling products containing (drumroll)…small insects!

The specific products that the company recalled were Sodium Chloride Solution, Viaflex plastic containers, and seventy percent Dextrose injection.  The official reason for the recall was because Baxter International discovered that their products contained “particulate matter.”

This is an awfully irresponsible way of describing the situation, so, to just put it on the table, the solution that was contaminated with insects was to be injected straight into the veins of hospital patients.  And the “plastic container” was meant to hold fluid destined for the veins of sick people.  You can understand Baxter International’s hesitancy to step up to the plate and admit that they almost killed people en masse–that’s a tough one to bear.

Of course Baxter International was the party responsible for uncovering the unforgivable mistake, and the company took full responsibility before any patients or medical professionals caught on to the deathtrap…oh!…wait…no, no maybe they were not so noble after all.  Instead it was the hospital patients themselves who complained that they were seconds away from being injected with Flik from A Bug’s Life.

Baxter International is officially the luckiest company in the world after the mistake was noticed prior to any injections.  Of course if the injections had taken place the “particulate matter” would likely have caused blockage of blood vessels, which, in turn, could very easily have led to heart attack, inflammation of organ tissue, and, of course, stroke!  Or, for the shorter description of the inevitable outcome–DEATH!  Needless to say, this discovery really “bugged” the patients.

Have you ever found bugs in an products you’ve purchased? How did you react?