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Mass Amounts Of Insects Continue To Stink Up Swimming Pools In Southern California

Mass Amounts Of Insects Continue To Stink Up Swimming Pools In Southern California

One month ago swarms of boatmen bugs began to swarm the California desert. These bugs wound up in Coachella Valley swimming pools. At the time, pool-owning residents considered this bug invasion a mere inconvenience that would go away after a thorough pool cleaning. However, this has not been the case, as the bugs are just as numerous in Coachella Valley swimming pools as they were one month ago. Now, pool owners are becoming angry as having pools cleaned is more expensive than ever. Pool owners are claiming that boatmen bugs are immediately repopulating swimming pools after they are cleaned.

One resident of La Quinta claimed that the bugs stink terribly, and he has had to pay to have millions of them removed from his pool on just one single occasion. The surface of this frustrated resident’s pool was pure black from all of the bugs inhabiting it. Apparently he has had to pay well over fifteen hundred dollars as a result of the bugs littering his pool.

According to experts, anyone who wants to be rid of the bugs must have pools treated with an algaecide, or simply wait for the bugs to go away. Seeing swarms of boatmen bugs is not unusual for this region since these bugs are native. The insects are not harmful and they are believed to originate from the Salton Sea. These bugs are most active during the summer, they reach eight millimeters in length, and they feed on algae. The only aspect of this recent swarm that experts do find mysterious is the time of year in which the invasion occurred, and why so many of these bugs are winding up on top of cars and within pools. Initially, city streets were also being invaded by mass amounts of these bugs, but lately they have only been sticking to swimming pools.

Have you ever lived in an area where swarms of boatmen bugs were common?