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Man Survives Attack after Hundreds of Bee Stings

Man Survives Attack after Hundreds of Bee Stings

Authorities in the area of Kingman, Arizona say it is one of the largest beehives encountered in the area.  Tens of thousands of bees were living in a hive found in a back yard shed by a man working on the property.

The man, who remains unidentified, was stung between 500 and 1,000 times by the huge swarm.  He was doing work in the area of Valle Vista, about 15 miles northeast of Kingman, for a property owner.

The man is in stable condition at Kingman Regional Medical Center.

Apparently, while working in the yard the man entered a shed on the property.  Within was an enormous hive containing what are described as “tens of thousands” of bees.  After disturbing the hive, he ran to his vehicle and in the process got help from two neighbors, who were also stung.

The passersby were not hospitalized, nor was a beekeeper who was recruited by authorities to contain the bees, and stung 23 times in the process.

Officials have sent out warnings to residents of the area to stay inside while the swarm is being controlled.  If going outside, neighbors were told to avoid walking pets in the area and to keep vehicle windows closed when driving nearby.

The beekeeper reported that it would take several days to get the situation under control, due to extensive infestation and sheer number of insects.