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The Man Who Collects Bugs For A Living | Tucson Pest Control

The Man Who Collects Bugs For A Living | Tucson Pest Control

Texas A&M University is currently in possession of more kissing bugs than any other college or university in the United States. The amount of insects in the Texas A&M repository is somewhere around four thousand, and each one of these bugs is captured and killed by a “citizen scientists”. One such citizen scientists is a man who takes catching bugs so seriously that he spends all of his time within his 153 acre wooded parcel of land. This man’s name is Hugh Brown, and he has chosen a life of solitude in order to devote every waking hour to catching insects for science, especially the dangerous kissing bugs.

Brown has a particular talent for collecting kissing bugs, which is of value to the university since most people avoid them on account of the fact that kissing bugs spread disease. Thanks to Brown, and other citizen scientists, researchers at Texas A&M now know that sixty percent of all the kissing bugs in Texas possess the parasite that causes chagas disease.

Have you or has anybody else that you have know ever been diagnosed with chagas disease? If so, how long did the treatment last before you recovered?