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Lice Are Now Treatment Resistant

Many of you may remember being checked for lice as a kid. Some of you have probably had lice at some point in your lives. Typically finding out that you have head lice is no big deal. However, researchers are now saying that there is not a single over the counter lice treatment available today that can effectively eradicate lice. This is due to the fact that lice have evolved to become resistant to anti-lice products.

Researchers studied lice in forty eight states, and out of that forty eight, there were forty two states where the native lice had undergone three genetic mutations that make anti-lice products ineffective. There are still products that will eradicate lice, but they are not available over the counter. The researchers stressed the importance of seeing a physician in case you find lice in your hair. Hopefully it will not take too long before another over the counter remedy for treating head lice becomes available.

Or you can simply use my grandmother’s tried and true lice treatment – douse your head in WD-40. The lice don’t stand a chance…of course, I can’t make any promises about the safety of this treatment, but I survived, right?

Have you ever had head lice? And if yes, was the treatment that you used over the counter? Did it work?