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Everything You Need To Know About Mouse Season

Mouse season starts when the temperatures outside begin to drop. During this time of year, usually late autumn, the mice have just finished breeding season, and are now looking for shelter during the winter. This will likely lead them to our homes, and if they can find entry points, they will get in and set up a nest.

The real trouble begins when they are indoors. Mice can reproduce very fast when given the right conditions, with one female being able to give birth to up to 60 mice every year, with a mouse reaching sexual maturity in three weeks. That means that a population of two mice can explode very fast.

The exact date when mouse season starts can be hard to pinpoint, since it depends largely on the weather. If it’s a particularly warm year, the mice will not look for new shelter until late October or early November, but if the year is cooler, they might even start looking for warmer spots in August.

So how do you prevent mice from entering the home? Mice are very flexible, and they can use very small gaps to gain entry. These gaps are usually found near piping or wires that go into the home, but there may be other construction defects or damage that has occurred over time which the rodents can use. If you look for these gaps, you can find them and seal them using caulk or steel mesh.

Once the mice are in the home, you will have to implement certain control measures. When dealing with a small population, traps are the best option. Traps allow you to capture mice and dispose of their bodies quickly, but they will not remove an infestation as effectively as poisons do. Poisons are ideal when you have a large infestation, but the main drawback is that the mice may die in hard to reach areas or inside the walls, where you will have a difficult time finding and removing the body.

If you have problems dealing with an infestation, or you do not want to remove it yourself, you can always call a pest control specialist and set up an appointment. Pest control pros will have the tools and expertise needed to get rid of an infestation much more effectively. Contact us today if you are dealing with a hard-to-remove mouse infestation.