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Killer Insect Hoax

Killer Insect Hoax

Well, it looks like some board kids may have released a bogus warning about a new insect that transmits a horrifying disease that looks like it basically starts riddling one’s body with holes. They probably never imagined that the post would go viral and cause mass panic all over the U.S. Just in case you might come across it and not know the whole thing is a hoax here’s what is says. The post displays four pictures at the top. The first showing the palm of someone’s hand covered in pocked holes, which were apparently created using makeup. Next to that disturbing picture is a photo of two fingers that look like they have lost their nails and there is a cavernous hole where it should be. That’s a little fishy already in my opinion. I mean if there was a hole in your finger don’t you think you’d see something like muscle and tissue underneath? Below these two beauties are two pictures of the insect, which are actually pictures of the completely harmless giant water bug. Below these photos the hoaxers warn of a new killer insect, and warn people not to touch it as touching it or attempting to kill it with bare hands will infect the person with a deadly skin virus that will spread throughout the body in a matter of minutes. Yeah, that seems a bit fish to me too. I’ve never heard of any disease that can infect the entire body in mere minutes. So, troubled viewers, rest at ease. The whole thing is just a silly prank designed to scare the pants off of hypochondriacs.


Have you seen this hoax post? What were your first thoughts about it?