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Keep Ticks Out Of Your Home This Christmas

Keep Ticks Out Of Your Home This Christmas

In order for a tick to go into hibernation temperatures must drop below forty degrees. As you can guess, ticks living in warmer regions of the United States never enter into hibernation since temperatures never drop below forty during the winter months. This is most true in the state of Florida. Last year, temperatures in southern Florida only dropped below forty degrees on two occasions. Naturally, this lack of tick hibernation is a concern to people who are bringing trees into their homes for the Christmas festivities.

This winter is looking to be a milder one as well, but not quite as bad as the winter of 2015. If you did buy a Christmas tree, experts recommend shaking the tree vigorously in order to remove any ticks that may still be residing within the bark. If shaking your tree is not satisfactory for you then you can up-it a notch by literally washing your tree with soap and water. As strange as washing your tree in the same manner as you wash your car may be, this method evidently works. However, be sure not to use any bug sprays on your tree since bug-sprays are flammable.

Have you ever experienced an insect infestation in your home as a result of bringing a genuine living tree into your living room for Christmas celebrations?