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It’s the bug apocalypse! Or is it….

It’s the bug apocalypse! Or is it….

They’re everywhere! So many of them they are showing up on radars misleading scientists into believing there is a rainstorm! Or… maybe not. They are just flying insects all over Texas. We’ve all heard that Texas has mosquitos the size of a home, but what about flying grasshoppers?

In this event, described as a “biological return”, weather radars in Texas actually picked up the appearance of an incoming storm in when in reality it was just a large amount of flying insects. Apparently to the naked eye, when in the area, you would not be able to see an actual swarm of these insects, rather just some flying around.

The local news stations all over reported the headlines allowing them to be so pumped up and out of proportion that a local forecaster had to take to twitter to call them out.  Jonathan Kurtz tried to down play the outrageous media attention by announcing it’s not a swarm! Just some grasshoppers; and goes on to describe the incident to look more like just an overly sensitive day for the radar.

Either way, I’d have to wonder if when the scientists studying the radar realized it was what appeared to be a giant amount of flying bugs and not an active storm headed to town, did they take cover? I surely would!

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