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It’s a bee invasion! | Tucson Bee Removal

It’s a bee invasion!

One common question asked this time of year is what can I do about all of the bees around my house? These flying pests are at their peak as they have used the spring to reproduce, and are now on the hunt for food for the colony. The colonies in the fall, have reached almost their max capacity and there is a lot of food needed. This is what makes bees particularly abundant.

Bees do serve a very important role in the world as they have been marked as the biggest pollinators of plants and vegetables. They are also one of the few insect species that will live throughout the winter as long as mites or other coolly collapse disorders don’t invade their homes. Bees typically will stick to themselves unless they feel threatened. Then they will sting and what a mighty sting that can be.

The human and bee problem arise when bees make their colony too closely to a human populated area.  If you happen to come across ground nesting bees, be on the lookout so you can avoid that area in the future. If you come across a bees nest in your tree, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call your local pest control company and have them come up with a removal strategy.

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