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Insect Magnet

Insect Magnet

If you’re like me, the minute you step outdoors insects just seem to flock to you, especially mosquitos. There is no explanation. They just seem to love you. You are like catnip to them. Well, there happens to be a fun and environmentally friendly way to repel these unwanted lovers. You can place insect-repelling plants around your yard and patio. The essential oils in these plants naturally repel pesky insects. This way you get rid of the bugs and get to enjoy some beautiful flora.

Rosemary is a great insect repellant. The tiny globules underneath the rosemary leaves produce fragrant oils that evaporate into the air when it gets hot, and repel nasty insects like mosquitos. Humans might love the sweet scent of lavender, but moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitos hate it. Lemongrass, mint, and lemon thyme are also great mosquito repellents, and as a bonus you can use them to add great flavor to your food. Chrysanthemums repel a whole host of nasty bugs, including roaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas, and lice. You could basically protect your home from all of the nastiest invasive pests with this one pretty flower.

Do you have any insect repelling plants? Would you grow them?