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Insect Aperitifs

Insect Aperitifs

France is jumping on the bug bandwagon and beginning to create edible insect products for people to try. While most companies are trying to mask the flavor of the insects by grinding them up and using them as flour or some other technique, one company is selling its insects whole, and creating quite stir in the process.

French start-up Entoma is selling Jimini’s whole, spiced insects as a snack to eat before dinner with drinks. The snack come in a variety of flavors including fruity curry and sundried tomatoes. The gamble the company took selling their product whole has seemed to pay off as it is sold in over 200 gourmet shops throughout France.

The company chose to make their snacks into aperitifs for a reason. The cultural feeling associated with aperitifs helped ease some of the tension created by the odd product. In France, people are more willing and eager to try new things when it comes to the aperitifs. It is a friendly moment and one in which people are eager to test new products and challenge themselves. These insect snacks definitely don’t disappoint on that level.

What do you think of this whole movement towards eating insects? Would you try one of these snacks for a lark?