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Incarcerated Prisoners Love Their Pet Bugs

There is nothing new about hardcore convicts getting into fights with their fellow thugs. However, it is not often that you hear about a near death prison brawl that was started over a spider.

After a prison guard found an unconscious inmate lying lifeless on the floor, he immediately notified the medical personnel who quickly transported the critically injured inmate to a hospital in order to undergo brain surgery–it must have been one special bug!

One of the inmates that was eventually arrested for the assault claimed that the spider was in his possession as his long time pet until he noticed it was stolen by a fellow inmate. Once the proper spider owner requested the arachnid’s safe return, the spider thief claimed that the spider told the thief to hit the former spider owner. After that the former spider-keeper was promptly beaten by two different inmates. I guess when you are locked in an 8 by 9 cell for decades a spider is welcome company.

Have you ever had a friend that kept a spider as a pet, only to eventually become emotionally attached to its eight-legged friend?